Bard is an accomplished public speaker, having presented keynotes and workshops on stages ranging from intimate and local, to large and multi-national. His presentations are guaranteed to be thought-provoking, inspiring and entertaining. Topics Bard likes to speak about inlcude:

• The Real Business of Business
How do we create meaningful work with a positive impact on people, society and the environment?

• Rehumanising Work
We have been treating people like cogs in the corporate machine for far too long, with devestatingconsequences for employee engagement, mental health and work satisfaction. By treating people as human beings instead, we can reverse this and create better outcomes for everyone.

• Overcoming Change Resistance
Change is all around us. The Digital Industrial Revolution is accelerating change everywhere. Humans are remarkably adaptable and flexible, but change doesn’t come easy to us. Even when we believe the outcomes will be good for us, our emotions often disagree and cause us to ignore or sabotage the very changes our rational mind embraces. The way we talk about change reflects the way we really feel about it. By understanding this language and changing it, we can not only better understand ours and others’ resistance to change, but remove the resistance and realign people’s emotions and motivations to become a positive force for change.

• The Social Nature of Work
People don’t work for money, they work because they want to belong, contribute and be proud of what they achieve. Yet our approch to work and employee engagement is still largely based on the assumption that people need incentives to work and that those incentives have to be in the form of rewards such as money, promotions and status. I argue that looking at work as a social activity, with intrinsic personal and social motivators driving people’s behaviours, will help us organise work in a much more human-friendly and meaningful way.