We offer coaching services for people looking for personal development in the context of their professional career. This ranges from personal career development to leadership development and organisational awareness coaching – where we aim to raise the collective level of self-awareness and self-management of the entire organisation.

Our coaching approach starts with an intake in which we outline aspirations, current obstacles and existing skills and experience. On the basis of this, we produce a personal coaching plan over an agreed period of time. During this time, the coachee(s) will be given assignments and exercises, as well as metrics to measure their own progress. Regular coaching conversations help the coachee(s) reflect on their progress and learning, and get feedback, suggestions and supporting material from their coach to help them achieve their goals. Our coaching is both time and outcome based: when the desired goals have been reached, or the agreed-upon time has passed, a coaching cycle ends. If the coachee(s) want to continue from there, a new coaching cycle can be started, following the same pattern of intake, planning, agreement and regular coaching sessions.

A String of Pearls, Bard’s book on personal development, is used to provide a framework for personal career development.